Common Camping Injuries And How To Treat Them

The outdoors is an unpredictable place and even though you’re watching out for your health and for injuries, you have no way of telling what’s going to happen. The key here is preparedness. A fully-stocked first-aid kit is one of the most important things you should bring to a camping trip. And of course, it’s ideal that you know how and when to use the items inside the kit. Minor injuries require first aid action, but you should contact health professionals for major ones.

Here’s how to treat the 3 most common camping injuries:

Cuts, Wounds and Infections

The outdoors has countless of rough surfaces and jagged edges, making it an accident-prone area. Minor scrapes are common and easily resolved, but you should know what to do in case there are bleeding cuts and deep wounds that may lead to infection.

Stop bleeding by applying direct pressure on the cut with gauze pads and elevating it above the heart. Add more pads if the previous ones get saturated. You can also use a bandana as a pressure bandage by wrapping the wound with it tightly.

Once the bleeding is controlled, wash the wound with clean water. Make sure to remove all visible dirt and germs. When the wound is clean, put antibiotic ointment, a clean gauze and wrap it with a bandanna to secure it in place.

You may have to re-wash and re-apply ointment and watch out for signs of infection.


When you’re camping, you’re always at risk of getting burns as you will most likely be handling boiling water, a campfire and some hot pots among other things. For minor burns, soak the affected area in cold water immediately. Apply burn ointment then cover with gauze. Offer ibuprofen to the patient as burns hurt a lot.

If the burn is significant, in a sensitive area (face, hands, feet or groin) or exposes bones, seek emergency help immediately.

Knee and Ankle Injuries

Whether it’s a fracture, a sprain, a tear or a sprain, damage to the ankles and knees is one of the most common camping injuries, especially when there’s hiking involved. Perform the RICE acronym – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Rest is the most important thing to promote healing. Discontinue your hike and don’t allow the patient to put weight on the inured area to avoid swelling.


Things To Know About Camping Food Storage

Whenever we you have an outdoor trip planned, you just bring out your big red cooler, fill it with ice then put all your food and drinks in there, right? Having a cooler is a good start, but proper food storage is so much more than throwing all your food in one. This is especially true if you’re staying outdoors for more than a couple of days.

Make your food last longer and fresher with these tips about proper camping food storage:

Keep your cooler colder for longer

Your cooler will serve as your “fridge” when you’re outdoors, that’s why it’s important to keep it cold for as long as possible, especially when your trip is for more than a couple of days. Freeze all your food and drinks before packing them inside the cooler. If you can, use separate coolers for food and drinks, as you will be opening the cooler from time to time to get a drink, which may melt the ice quicker and affect the perishables.

Use block ice instead of ice cubes if you can because they last longer.

Plan for more ice

If you’re camping out for a while, your cooler will run out of ice eventually. Call the campground office ahead and ask if they sell ice. If they don’t, find a convenience store or establishment nearest your campground where you can get ice.

Otherwise, plan your meals ahead and make sure to consume perishables first.

Store your food under the shade

A sunny day is great for outdoor activities, but not so good for your cooler. Make sure that your cooler always stays in a shady spot. Under a tree, a tent awning or a pop-up shelter are good places to keep your cooler away from the sunshine.

Don’t forget your dry goods

Your snacks, spices and other dry goods need a home, too. Store them in a plastic bin or two, which you can keep locked or hang up in a tree when not needed. Storing them in one place keeps your campsite mess-free.

Keep wildlife away

There is only one thing that attracts bugs, critters and wildlife (including bears!) to a campsite, and that’s food. Make sure that you keep all your food, leftovers included, locked away in your coolers or bins at all times.

Do not eat inside your tent and make sure you properly dispose of trash at the end of each day.

Follow these tips on proper camping food storage for an mess-free and organized campsite!


3 Important Winter Camping Tips For Beginners

Nature is calm and beautiful during winter time. The mountains are picturesque and the stillness of nature is relaxing. That’s why, although challenging, many adventurers want to try winter camping. Not everyone gets to experience it, but those who have say it’s an experience of a lifetime. With the right mindset, the right gear and good preparation, you’ll have a grand time camping in the winter!

Keep in mind these important winter camping tips when planning your trip:

Choose a good spot to set up camp

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right spot for winter camping. But for starters, the most important thing to consider is somewhere that will best shelter you from the elements like strong wind and the cold.

Choose a flat surface as much as possible and avoid the both the top and bottom of hills. Don’t forget to compress the snow where you’ll be pitching your tent as packed snow insulates heat better.

Bring the right sleeping bag

The right sleeping bag will go a long way in keeping your warm while you sleep. There are ones made specifically for winter camping but they can be expensive. Check your sleeping bag’s temperature rating to see if it can handle cold weather conditions. Putting a sleeping bag liner can help extend the ratings by 10-15 degrees.

It’s also important to check the weather forecast during the dates of your trip. If the predicted temperature is way out of the range of your sleeping bag, it’s best to purchase one that can withhold such temperatures, preferably those with a 0-degree temperature rating or lower just to be safe.

Bring the right sleeping bag

A sleeping pad is another thing that will help you stay warm and comfortable during your winter camping trip. Not only will it help you avoid body aches when you wake up, but it will also keep you off the frozen ground while you sleep.

There are many kinds of sleeping pads with different features and price ranges. Some are inflatable and some are insulated. Choose one within your budget range and will do the job depending on the weather forecast of your trip. Keep in mind that the closer you are to the ground, the faster your body heat would go.


Hearty Plant-Based Campfire Recipes For Healthy Eaters

Who says you can’t have nutritious food while you’re on an outdoor trip? While the “junk food” seems to be more convenient and easier to prepare, what you can do is prep your ingredients at home beforehand to save time at the campsite. It’s also important to choose recipes that have less ingredients and a quicker cook time.

With these recipes, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy, filling meal without hassle! Try these plant-based campfire recipes!

Peanut and Sweet Potato Stew

What you need:


  • 1 medium sweet potato, chopped into 1/4-inch cubes
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 cups Tuscan kale, destemmed and chopped
  • 2 cups broth
  • 1 3/4 cups diced tomatoes
  • 1 3/4 cups chickpeas
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon cooking oil
  • 2 teaspoons New Mexico chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt

In a dutch oven over medium heat, heat the oil then cook the onion until tender, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and saute for 1 minute more. Stir in the sweet potato, broth, diced tomatoes (juices included) and peanut butter. Season with chili powder and salt.


Stir to mix ingredients well. Simmer, uncovered until sweet potatoes are tender, about 20 minutes. When potatoes are ready, stir in the chick peas and the kale. Heat until kale is wilted and chickpeas have warmed through.

Cheesy Garlic Broccoli and Potato Foil

What you need:


  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 cups broccoli florets
  • 2 cups baby potatoes, halved
  • 1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves
  • 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • 4 pcs heavy duty aluminum foil, about 12 inches long

Whisk together the minced garlic, olive oil, onion powder and Italian seasoning in a small bowl. Season with Kosher salt and ground black pepper to taste. Divide the broccoli and baby potatoes into 4 portions and place each portion in the center of each square foil.


Spoon garlic mixture over vegetables in each foil then fold the sides to create a packet. Place the sealed foil packets on a grill grate and cook over hot campfire coals, about 15-25 minutes or until vegetables are cooked through and tender.

Remove from heat and open foil packets carefully, sprinkle with parmesan and top with parsley before serving.

Try these hearty plant-based campfire recipes on your next trip to the great outdoors!


5 Tips to Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage

Hair is an essential part of your beauty, and it needs care to help keep it looking good. Nowadays, people have become very style conscious, and want their hair to look perfect, for which they experiment with different hairstyles. Heat damage to the hair can be caused by different styling tools such as blow dryers, straighteners, curling tongs, or rollers.

The busy life today, do not people to have enough time to let their hair dry naturally, so use of blow dryers has become common. Another reason for the excessive use of styling tools is that people wish to change their look often, and experiment with different hairstyles. So people with straight hair use curling tongs while those with curly hair use straighteners. Use of heat styling tools strips your hair of essential moisture, and leads to dryness, and split ends.

There are some steps you can follow to ensure that your hair is protected from heat damage. First, it is necessary that you let your hair dry naturally from time to time, and give it a break from blow-drying. There are always times when you are not in a hurry, or are staying at home, so in such cases, you do not need to rush to the blow dryer.

Second, It is important to invest in good quality styling tools that provide protection, and do the least damage to your hair. There are many straighteners made of materials such as Teflon, which protect hair from damage. Similarly, ionic hairdryers are also available that release negative charges to seal in moisture.

Third, spend some money on high quality shampoos, and conditioners, which are specially designed for use with heat hair styling. These products have nutrients, which are heat activated, and they protect hair when you go for heat hairstyle. Also, use heat protective serums before you go for heat hairstyle, as they also protect the hair shaft, and make it less susceptible to damage. Do not opt heat hairstyle while your hairs are wet, as they are more prone to damage then.

Fourth, If you are a regular user of styling tools, then you should take time out to pamper your hair. Invest in high-end, and good quality deep conditioning treatments, and use them once a week, this will ensure that your hair remains in top condition. There are many hot oil treatments, and conditioners available in the market that can strengthen your hair, and seal the hair follicles.


The Facts You Need to Know to Find the Best Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is a very important part of your hair styling and hair care routine. You will use this tool nearly every single day and there are many important factors to consider before purchasing one. If you’re a hair stylist, there are even more things to be aware of because you will use this tool on almost every client. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the options available, just remember to consider the following: Heating element, settings, wattage, weight, attachments and warranty. There are multiple styles in each category but the best one for you depends on your needs.

The single most important factor to consider is the heating element. It’s no secret that heat can be dangerous and damaging when applied to hair day after day. Even if you use a thermal protecting product, it’s still important to use a high quality hair dryer to prevent any damage. Not all hair dryers dry hair in the same way and knowing the difference can really save your hair.

The least expensive hair dryers tent to use a metal or plastic heating element and this leads to a very intense, very uneven heat. It essentially “cooks” the hair by boiling the water out of it. This is the most dangerous way to dry your hair and should be avoided whenever possible. Higher standard dryers are typically made with a ceramic drying element; similar to what is used in space heaters or other home heating technology. Ceramic produces a far-infared head that enters the core of the strand of hair and dries it from the inside out.

You may have seen a hair drying boasting that it is an “ionic dryer.” On a cheap hair dryer (that’s not ionic), the heat will diffuse positive ions, and because hair cuticles are naturally neutral, this causes them to open and result in frizzy and poofy hair. A high quality ionic dryer will produce negative ions which “flatten” the neutral cuticle and trap moisture in so the hair stay sleek and shiny. This also works a lot faster because it breaks down each water molecule with a negative charge.

Ceramic heating elements can accomplish these negatives ions to an extent, but it’s much more effective to combine it with another material, like tourmaline. It reportedly dries and styles hair up to 70 percent faster than tools made with other materials. Overall, the very best hair dryer will be ionic and made from a ceramic and tourmaline blend.

Another important factor to consider is the wattage on your hair dryer. The exact wattage varies from dryer to dryer but it should always be greater than 1300 watts, unless it is a travel dryer. The average is probably around 1750 watts and some stylists recommend up to 1900 to 2000 watts for long and thick hair.

Just like in straightening irons, the settings on a hair dryer can be very beneficial. Many come with a “high” or “low” option but it is also important to look for a “hot” or “cool” setting. Because heat is so potentially damaging to hair, it’s best to use the lowest and coolest settings whenever possible. It’s best to have a dryer that provides several settings to choose from.


Importance of Credit and Financial Services for an Individual and Business

Just like money, the importance of credit and financial services cannot be ignored. We know that money is like the backbone of any economy. Plus, the functionality of an economy is dependent on the financial system of the state. In this article, we are going to find out more about the importance of credit and financial services as far as individual investment and growth are concerned. Read on to find out more.

Importance of Credit

In any economy, the role of credit is of paramount importance. Basically, credit is a form of trust that allows someone to provide resources or money for another person. Moreover, it is the credit system that gives support to the economic activities of a state.

If you want to achieve your professional, personal or financial goals, you have to understand the importance of credit. Today, commercial banks keep the savings of their account holders and provide these funds on credit to needy people and businesses.

Smart people use credit money in order to run a business successfully. If they are not provided money by banks, they won’t be able to use their talents and abilities. Bank loans help a lot of businesses produce goods and services for the economy.

When people buy a house for the first time, credit plays an important role in these transactions. The lending bank needs a surety that the borrower will be able to pay off the loan in a timely fashion. Therefore, they check the ability of the borrower to make sure they earn enough money to pay the installments and meet their day-to-day expense.

Importance of Financial Services

Financial services are an important section of any financial system. This financial system offers different types of finance using different credit instruments, services, and financial products. With the help of these services, it is possible to increase the demand for certain products and services.


The True Essence of Digital Marketing in Dubai Real Estate

Digital Marketing brings about great evolution in the field of marketing and regardless of what industry the concept is interpreted, there is always room for innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, this concept is not well adopted by Dubai Real Estate in the recent times, and a Pied Piper (of Hamelin) approach has been followed by most of the digital marketers which is losing the true essence of Digital Marketing.Wedding photography melbourne

Most marketers try to copy the concept of one another and sometimes unlawfully even disguise their artwork concepts to catch leads online which although works great for numbers but it is almost zero when it comes to conversion because of quality.

In the basics of marketing, it is taught that every product has its own unique selling proposition (USP) and thus has a different target audience, where one marketing strategy cannot be applied to all. The setback of not following this concept has brought about digital marketing to such a stage where almost the same advertisements are being exposed to same audience over and over again via social media, emails, SMS and online portals which dilutes the interest and confuses a genuine client to what should be opted for amidst this war of similar offerings around all digital channels. Additionally in this process there has been a huge wastage of resource occurred that could have been capitalized better if an optimal utilization approach was adopted. One of the major reason witnessed behind this scenario is the gap that exists between marketing team and their on-ground experience of real estate. Generally, the organizations when they outsource their marketing campaigns to external agencies the objective of both the parties are different where the organization intends to save cost for the marketing campaign and on the other hand the marketing agencies focus on generating more numbers in leads so they can argue on their next contract renewals. In the whole process the essence of advertising the USP of the property is deprived and instead of targeted marketing, the approach goes to mass marketing concept which then again goes against the literature of digital marketing. The only party happy in this scenario is the service provider that are Google and Facebook as their business earns more revenue as the competition gets intense and companies are willing to pay more for the same campaign.

The digital marketing especially social media, SEO and SEM works mainly on bidding structure for a certain set of audience, and of course the mightier bid wins the race, but a well experienced marketer would always opt for an optimal bidding strategy on a specific target segment which would reduce down the cost per qualified lead significantly and eventually would utilize the concept of digital marketing to the fullest. It is high time now that marketers and especially digital marketers should realize the full potential of digital marketing and bridge the gap between knowledge of Dubai Real Estate and marketing approach which would immediately provide better results. The second step includes researching on the appropriate target audience for a specific property and justifying the time spent on this research which would discriminate quality versus quantity at large.


4 Reasons, Many Consider Real Estate, A Good Investment

There are many alternatives, when it comes to, making our decisions, about how, and where, to invest our funds/ monies! Options include: the stock market; bond market; commodities; United States Treasury vehicles; and real estate. Since, historically, many consider, real estate, one of the most secure, long – term strategies, and owning a home, of one’s own, is often, considered, a major component of the so – called, American Dream, this article will attempt to discuss 4 reasons, many feel this way, and use their funds, to purchase family homes, as well as investment properties. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, how, and why, this matters. Flower delivery hong kong

1. Historically, keeps up with, and/ or, exceeds inflation, and the rate – of – return, many other options, provide: In addition to many other reasons, historically, the appreciation in value of real estate, has kept – up. with, and/ or, exceeded the rate of inflation. It also has been, in the longer – run, one of the safest, most secure, vehicles, available! Many analyses show, also, the overall rate, for real estate, to be better, than most of the other options!

2. Several purposes, including living expenses, and asset appreciation/ value: When one purchases a home, of his own, he satisfies several purposes, including, his living expenses, and pride of ownership! However, it is especially, satisfying, while doing so, the value of houses, over the longer – run, generally increases, by, at least, the rate of inflation. Many also purchase real estate, for investment purposes, such as buying multi – family properties, etc. When doing so, they also receive tax benefits, including being able to depreciate the property, on a schedule, for tax purposes. Also, remember, if you don’t own your house, you are still paying rent, which has no rate of return!

3. Better than average returns, over – time: Statistically, on an historic – basis, real estate values have increased, over – time, not only, at a rate, greater than inflation, but, also, better returns than many other investment vehicles.

4. Paying yourself, instead of your landlord: Your personal home, can either be owned, by you, or by your landlord! When you rent your residence, it provides your housing, but you receive no other financial benefits! Who would you rather pay, monthly, yourself, or your landlord?

It is wise to fully consider your personal situation, comfort zone, and priorities, and perceptions, before making any investments. After this process, remember to include housing, and real estate, in your overall analysis!


Real Estate Investing in the Time of Covid

My, how things have changed – quickly! If you’re still investing, I’d love to hear how you’re adjusting and what you see for the future. I’ll start with some of the Covid changes we’ve already made.

NOTE: Much of what I share is what we’re already experiencing and changing in our own business. Much is based on our 2008-2010 real estate investing experience.seamless leggings woman

  1. Don’t stop. Historically, real estate always works, you simply need to adapt to market changes. Therefore:
    • stay flexible
    • learn about and secure funding
    • stay involved in online networking groups – both local and national – to stay abreast of changes you need to be aware of as they happen.
  2. We’ve increased our marketing. Why?
    • People are going to need money which means selling their personal or family members’ properties. We want to be available when a need arises to offer what help we can.
    • There are fewer investors buying already because of fear of the future and lack of funding, so there hasn’t been a better time to be in the market in years!
  3. Get educated. What we’ve seen recently is exactly what we experienced in 2006-2007; everyone was getting into real estate investing because it was so easy. As the business becomes more difficult now, those who are prepared, informed, and educated have incredible opportunity.
  4. Buy for less. We all know the future holds uncertainty. Price values may drop greatly in the coming months/years. Sellers know that, too, which is why many will want to sell sooner rather than later. They also realize that you’re taking on their risk when you buy, so they understand when you offer less than they hope for. And, it’s true, you are taking on risk. Make sure when you make an offer that it’s a price you can live with if the value drops over the next 3-6 months.
  5. Properties are still selling well, so buy properties you can turn quickly – this is not a time to buy large rehabs!
  6. Buy and sell virtually. This is the perfect time to learn how to transition your business to virtual. We are currently doing due diligence online, asking permission to walk around the property and take photos, then asking the seller to either send us interior photos themselves or to leave the property while we enter and take photos. Sellers appreciate our concern for their well being. We are requiring that they allow a property walk-through before closing to insure their own photos do not omit something we should know about.
  7. Prepare for longer days on market when selling. Watch your local property days-on-market to have an idea of what to expect. As lenders begin to dry up and/or increase their borrowing requirements, there will be fewer qualified buyers and both selling and closings will take longer.
  8. Expect lenders to tighten borrowing requirements.